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How to Draw the Back of a Shoe

Shoes are distinctive from behind because of their shape.
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Although the back of a shoe seems like a pretty simple thing to draw, the truth is that certain types of lines, shading, and other detail can make a marked difference by lending depth and perspective. No matter what type of shoe you are drawing, the method used to draw them from behind would be the same. By outlining carefully and beginning with light strokes, you can create an accurate final rendering.

Things You'll Need:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Shoe Of Choice

Place the shoe of choice somewhere at eye level to facilitate viewing it directly from behind.

Use the tip of a sharp pencil to lightly sketch the contour of the shoe. Use as many lines as necessary, but keep them light enough that they can by easily erased if necessary. Pay close attention to the shoe's symmetry -- or asymmetry -- so that the drawing has a strong realistic foundation.

Draw in any parts of the shoe that are visible, yet not part of the shoe's main contour -- a protruding tongue or laces, for example.

Use the side of your pencil to shade the drawing according to the lighting in your workspace. Make sure that you use the same shading pattern on each side of the shoe to create dimension.

Draw in final details, such as stitches up the back of the shoe, tags, patterns or details on the sole.

Go over the light outline of the shoe with darker lines.

Use an eraser to remove any unwanted or stray lines.

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