How to Draw Hydrangeas

hydrangea image by L. Shat from

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Colored pencils

Hydrangeas drawings consist of three essential parts, the body, the petals and the stems of the hydrangea flowers. The main element of the body of hydrangea flowers is a simple rough circle drawn to house the hydrangea petals. The stems of the plant are a simple series of thin stems bundled together for the drawing, and the hydrangea petals are a simple series of rough circles and rough squares with light shading within spaces created by the petals. Drawing flowers is a timeless art and with practice, the right tools, you can create your own realistic looking hydrangea flowers.

hydrangeas image by Ruslana Stovner from

Draw a large rough edged circle, this will be the outline for the series of hydrangea petals that you will soon draw. Then draw a series of bundled stems for the hydrangeas at the bottom of the circle.

hydrangea image by Vania from

Draw the petals for the hydrangea by creating a series of rough circles and rough squares to simulate the look of real hydrangea petals. By leaving small spaces between the petals, you create much more realistic looking hydrangeas.

Hortensie image by Angelika Bentin from

Touch-up any stray marks and fill in the spaces between petals with light shading and make sure to color the hydrangea stems. In addition, adding leaves on the stems creates a more dynamic image and adds more color to your drawing.


  • Use different shades of colors to add a dynamic element to your hydrangea drawings.