How to Draw Disney Cartoons Step by Step

Drawing can be a fun hobby. Something that is especially challenging is attempting to copy the art of famous or well-known cartoons. Disney cartoons are full of characters that are both challenging and fun to try to replicate.

Here are instructions for drawing Disney's Dumbo and Mickey Mouse. There are no special artistic skills necessary to make these characters come alive on your paper. As you will see, they are drawn mostly with geometric shapes and lines and then filling them in afterward.

Draw a medium-sized circle for Dumbo's head. Add one short horizontal line in the middle of the circle and another horizontal line slightly below this one for the facial guidelines. Draw the outline of the top of his ears by adding a rounded shape that comes from the upper part of each side of the circle. Draw a rough outline of the legs and trunk.

Complete the outline of the ears by drawing the bottom portion of each ear. These look similar to a butterfly wing. Make a slightly puffy outline along the circle for the cheeks. Outline the curved trunk coming off the bottom edge of the circle.

Add the outline of a frilled collar underneath the circle surrounding the trunk on either side.

Draw Dumbo's eyes between the two facial guidelines made in step 1. At the bottom edge just inside the circle above the trunk outline, add a few tiny lines that show a wrinkle on Dumbo's nose.

Draw pupils in his eyes. From each eye add two small lines extending from the bottom and outward to show his cheeks.

Draw tiny lines above his eyes for his eyebrows. Fill in his pupils.

Erase all preliminary lines and guidelines and add color if desired to finish Dumbo.

Draw a medium-sized circle and add center guidelines.

Draw the eyes and nose. The eyes are placed on the horizontal line immediately to either side of the vertical center line. The nose is placed immediately under the horizontal line centered over the vertical line. Draw a small curved line under both eyes.

Draw a big smile and chin. The top of the mouth mirrors the curve of the nose. The chin extends outside the bottom of the circle.

Add two large ovals for the ears and draw curved lines to the area around his cheeks and eyes. This creates the mask that is featured on many Disney characters.

Erase all preliminary lines and guidelines and add color if desired to finish Mickey Mouse.