How to Draw Bubble Numbers

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017
Draw Bubble Numbers

How to Draw Bubble Numbers. Writing out bubble numbers is a matter of practice so that you can improve your technique and develop your own style. Start by drawing a bubble around the number as you would normally write it, then embellish with colors.

Write down a single number on a sheet of paper. Use a pencil and draw only a faint line.

Use permanent marker to draw a bubble around the number you're using as a template. Add small circles to create the enclosed areas of the 0, 4, 6 and 8.

Erase the number written in pencil once the marker is completely dry. Touch up the marker to darken it if needed.

Color the inside of the bubble with crayons or other colored markers.

Practice writing bubble numbers until you're able to do them without writing the number properly with a pencil first. Use the bubble numbers you've made before as a reference.

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