How to Draw an X-Rated Comic Book

Things You'll Need

  • Sketchbook
  • Sharpener
  • Artist pencils
  • Cartooning pen
  • Dirty mind

How to Draw an X-Rated Comic Book. With the popularity of manga and other racy Japanese graphic novels, comic books are hitting an all-time high. Many American graphic artists also draw X-rated comic books and graphic novels. The artwork and storylines have evolved since the days of comics like "Fritz the Cat." Here's a rundown on how to draw an X-rated comic book.

Decide on your style and storyline. The "underground comix" of the 1960s featured colorful, crudely drawn depictions of hapless, mini-skirted women pursued by outrageous characters, while many modern comic books portray a more lush, almost surreal style. Draw some characters to determine your approach.

Learn how to draw the human anatomy. Take a class at your local community college or browse sources like "Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists" on the web. Even if you pursue a surreal or comic approach, a background in anatomy drawing will help your X-rated comic book art spring to life.

Devise a racy storyline. You may want to mimic the storylines of current adult films, delve into science fiction or X-rated detective yarns or use a comic approach. Jot down a synopsis before inking dialog in your sketches.

Develop the characters. You may want to include such stock characters as the sexy nurse and the lecherous old man, or populate your comic book with sexy rock stars and half-clad super heroines.

Sketch a draft storyboard on inexpensive paper before committing the final version of your X-rated comic book to finer grade paper. Measure off the boxes or strips, then add dialog bubbles. Ink or color the drawings to finish it off.

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