How to Draw an Owl

Draw an Owl

How to Draw an Owl. Owls make for relatively easy drawing subjects that allow you to play with texture, light and shading as you advance. Drawing an owl is relatively simple but a few steps will help you get it right the first time.

Draw a circle just above the center line of your blank page. Keep the circle round and smooth by tracing it around a cup or any other round object.

Extend a line from the bottom sides of your circle in order to form the body. The body should have the shape of a round jar and should be just under twice the length of the diameter of your initial circle.

Add two long slivers on either side of the body to represent the owl's wings. Finish off the body of the owl by drawing five downward pointing triangle to represent the ruffled edges of the owl's feathers.

Extend a long "U" shape from the bottom of the body in order to form the tail. Then add a pair of upside down tear drop shapes near the bottom of the body (but well above the tail) on the left and right side of the body to form the bird's talons.

Make the owl's eyes by drawing two small circles within the first circle you drew. Leave a smaller white circle within the two eye circles and then color the rest of the eye circles in. Add a beak by making a "V" between and slightly lower than the owl's eyes.

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