How to Draw an Apple

Draw an Apple

How to Draw an Apple. If you want to learn how to draw simple objects, drawing an apple is a great place to start. The object is a basic shape and readily available for observation. Incorporate more advanced drawing techniques like contouring an object and shading for a more realistic apple.

Place an apple on the table in front of you and observe it carefully. Notice the fine details. Look at the places the light hits the object. Notice where there is no light at all. These types of observations help to achieve the most accurate drawing.

Contour the apple slowly with your pencil as you observe it. This means carefully to trace the outline you observe without removing your eyes from the apple. You should end up with the basic shape of the apple. Erase and adjust the contour until you achieve your desired shape.

Observe the shadows on the apple to shade the drawing and complete a more three-dimensional picture. Leave bright spots on the apple unshaded. Shade the dark spots the most heavily.

Adjust your shading. Observe the apple and compare your sketch to it. If the shading is too dominant, use an eraser to lighten some spots. Play with the darkness of the shades. The more layers of shading, the more realistic the apple looks.

Add the details. Draw the stem on top and the fine lines at the bottom of the apple. Include any dents, scratches or other markings to complete the apple drawing.

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