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How to Draw a Star Freehand

Drawings of stars often display five points.
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Drawings of stars may be completed with meticulous detail. Artists sometimes measure every angle of the star when drawing with the use of devices like the protractor and ruler. Freehand drawings of stars opt for a loose representation of this astronomical feature. Since freehand drawings allow for creativity in approach, feel free to turn your drawing into an expressive or less formal version of a star. You may elongate its length or make some of its angles larger than others to capture a sense of dancing movement or twinkling.

Draw a large circle. You may use a round object as a guide to make this circle perfect.

Divide the circle in half vertically with a long line.

Draw a large, inverted "V" in the center of the circle. Make sure this "V" is evenly divided by the center line. This shape should look like a long triangle with no base.

Draw a long, horizontal line across the circle. Make this line fall at a point about one third of the distance from the top of the circle.

Use the horizontal line as the top of a large inverted triangle. Make the tip of the triangle fall just below the center of the circle. Make its right and left angles touch the sides of the circle.

Draw a short line from the left endpoint of the inverted "V" to the tip of the inverted triangle. Repeat on the right side. This completes the star shape.

Erase all lines inside of the star.

Erase the circle.


Be careful not to erase the tips of the star when erasing the circle.

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