How to Draw a Perfect Circle

How to Draw a Perfect Circle. Even for the most talented artists, one of the most difficult things to draw is a circle. In a story told by Vasari, the artist Giotto once drew a perfect circle to give to the Pope as a gift. There are several methods which can help one draw the best circle possible.

With a Protractor

Place writing utensil in the protractor.

Make a small dot on the piece of paper, preferably in or near the center. This will ensure that you have plenty of room on the paper.

Place the end of the protractor without the writing utensil on this dot.

Hold this end firmly on the dot while lowering the other side to the piece of paper.

Begin to turn the protractor in a circular direction. Remember to hold the other end on the dot.

Keep turning the protractor until the circle is complete.

Without Tools

Get a sharpened writing utensil.

Lay forearm straight and flat on the piece of paper.

Move utensil in a circular direction while keeping arm straight. Make sure not to bend your wrist.

Keep moving the utensil and your straightened arm in a circular direction until the circle is complete.


You may have to try more than once to develop a good eye for creating the perfect circle. Keep wrist straight at all times when not using a protractor.


It's important to note that in actuality, it is impossible to draw a perfect circle. These steps will help you draw what appears to the naked human eye to be a perfect circle.

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