How to Draw a Circle With String

Draw a Circle With String

How to Draw a Circle With String. It doesn't matter if you want to draw a small circle or a large one, using a string and a pencil is a great way to get a perfect circle. Sometimes you may not have a compass or it is too small for the circle you want. This method could be used to cut out circles of plywood for a table top to drawing circles on paper for artwork.

Determine how large you want your circle to be and cut your string to that length. Be sure to add a little extra, since you'll tie the string onto the pencil and secure it to the center of the circle.

Tie one end of the string onto the center of a pencil. Be sure to allow enough room for the pencil to spin around within the string but tight enough so it won't slip loose.

Hold the string down where you want the center of your circle to be. If you're drawing a circle on wood or something other than paper, you could use a thumb tack or tape to hold down the string.

Pull the string taught and, keeping the pencil perfectly upright, use the string to outline the circle. This will give you a perfect circle.

Remove the string, tape or thumb tack from the center of your circle. Now you've got a perfect circle.

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