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How to Do the Pom Pom Magic Trick

The pom pom magic trick uses four colored pom poms seemingly connected to each other by strings looped through a hollow tube to create an entertaining illusion perfect for parties. The magician demonstrates how pulling one colored pom pom causes a different pom pom on the other side of the pole to move. After going through his visual explanation twice, the magician separates the pole into two, and shows the audience that no strings actually connect the pom poms on either side of the pole. Mastering the trick requires learning how to use the pom pom magic pole.

Arrange the pole so one of the bottom colored pom poms hangs down while the rest sit in their starting positions against the pole. Pull on the pom pom located directly above the one hanging down to show they are connected, and then pull on the pom pom located opposite the one hanging down to demonstrate how pulling on one will raise the other. Pull on each pom pom in turn to show the different combinations of movements possible.

Narrate the trick by explaining to your audience how pulling on one colored pom pom causes another to move. Saying "Pull the black pom pom to raise the red pom pom makes the red pom pom the short pom pom and the black pom pom the long pom pom," creates a rhythm and cadence to your voice that will help the audience follow along with the trick, while distracting them from figuring out how the trick works. Repeatedly state that the pom poms are connected while explaining the trick to further develop the illusion to the audience.

Pull both bottom pom poms all the way down, and then separate the pole into two pieces to show the audience that no wire connects the two sets of pom poms. The pom poms on each end are connected by a Y-shaped string that has a magnet at the base that connects to a magnet on the opposite string. Pulling down on both bottom pom poms separates the two magnets and hides the additional string inside the pole.

Reconnect the two sides of the pole by turning the pole in a circular motion. Rotating the pole causes the weighted magnet inside to fall down towards the other end. The pom pom pole is made from a nonmagnetic metal that prevents the magnets from sticking to anything else inside the pole.

Repeat the trick, once again demonstrating how pulling on each pom pom moves another. Finish the routine by once again separating the two magnets and pulling apart both ends of the pole. After not seeing a string the first time the poles where separated, the second time showing the trick will help reinforce the illusion to your audience.


You can purchase a magic pom pom pole from most magic shops and online.

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