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How to Do the Levitating Spoon Trick

Do the Levitating Spoon Trick

Things You'll Need:

  • Ring
  • Match or toothpick
  • Spoon

If you need to liven up a dinner party or just want to entertain your family or friends around the dinner table, make a spoon or other utensil levitate off the table by magic. You can also do this as a bar bet when you are out with your friends.

Wear a ring on your finger.

Place a match or a toothpick inside the ring on the underside of your hand. Make sure that the toothpick or match is snug so that it does not fall out as you do this trick. Also, make sure to position your hand so that the match or toothpick is not visible to others at the table.

Put a spoon horizontally in front of you on the table or on your plate.

Tell your friends and family around the table that you can lift a spoon up, or levitate it, off the table without holding onto it.

Place your hand on the spoon, wedging the spoon in between the match or tooth pick. Do this subtlety so no one knows what you are doing.

Raise your hand up while concentrating hard. This will look like the spoon is coming up underneath your hand.

Wiggle the fingers of your hand slightly to intensify the effect.


Practice this technique until you can position the spoon onto the match or toothpick without looking like you are doing so. You do not have to do this trick with a spoon. You can use any utensil to levitate off the table.

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