How to Do Art Glass Fusing

Things You'll Need

  • Kiln
  • Fusing glasses
  • Kiln wash

How to Do Art Glass Fusing. Create beautiful and interesting works of art by fusing glass together. It takes only practice, materials and supervision while using a hot kiln. Follow the steps below for fusing art glass together.

Use glass that is compatible. Every type of glass has a COE or coefficient of expansion. This means that they all expand and contract at different rates when heated. When fusing, if they do not do this at the same rate, the joints will crack. The most popular glasses are 90 COE and 96 COE.

Use glass that is the right thickness. Glass should be about 1/4 inch thick. If it is thinner, it will shrink; if it is thicker, it will expand. Glass can still be successfully heated if it is different thickness, but you must do this slowly.

Heat the glass slowly at about 15 degrees per minute. The glass will crack if it is heated too quickly. Cracked glass can usually be repaired by reheating. Once it has cooled, push the piece back together and reheat.

Brush the kiln with a thin coast of kiln wash before heating. This will help prepare the kiln for use.

Turn off the kiln once the the glass has achieved the look you want. Cool it slowly to avoid cracking. Lift the lid from the kiln until the temperature reaches around 1000 degrees.

Turn the kiln on low and maintain the temperature at about 1000 degrees. If the temperature rises too high, lift the lid for a few seconds at a time.

Turn off the kiln after 20 minutes. Allow the glass to cool to room temperature. This will take awhile, so be patient.