How to Direct a Beauty Pageant Script

How to Direct a Beauty Pageant Script. The script of a beauty pageant is what keeps the entire show on track. Here's how to write and direct a well organized beauty pageant script.

Make an outline of the entire competition. Include all of the competition categories and the transitions between the aspects of the evening. This framework will help you lay out the script as you develop it. Remember to include segments of the evening in which you introduce the judges as well as visiting queens from other pageants. Any non-competition entertainment numbers should be placed in sequence at this time.

Consider your emcee. It is important before you begin the actual writing of the script to take into consideration the person who will read it. Their personality and gender will both influence the choices you make when writing the script. If the person is a local celebrity or personality, you have more leeway to make the script funny or unique than if the emcee is a dignitary of someone else who would have a more serious demeanor.

Write every word that will be spoken during the pageant, including introductions, transitions and contestant biographies. Format the bios of each contestant from their entry form, but you may choose to highlight different information for different contestants to prevent your show from sounding monotonous. Be sure to include staging notations that will be helpful to your sound operators, backstage crew and emcee.

Distribute the script to everyone working on the pageant. Everyone backstage needs a copy to follow along. The emcee and stage crew as well as light and sound operators should all have a copy in their possession. It might be helpful to highlight important components for each person's individual script. For example, the copy that will be distributed to the sound operator would have the sound cues highlighted for visibility, while the emcee's copy will have the spoken words highlighted.

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