How to Design a Rhinestone Pattern for a Figure Skating Dress

Karl Weatherly/Photodisc/Getty Images

Figure skating dresses are often custom-made with intricate rhinestone patterns and designs. Create your own rhinestone pattern by browsing skating supply sites for ideas and inspiration and by checking out patterns from craft books and websites. Practice gluing designs on pieces of paper or scrap figure skating dress material before placing rhinestones on actual dresses, so as not to waste good dress material. Create patterns for friends and family members that skate or dance, as many dance costumes also require the use of rhinestone patterns.

Browse figure skating clothing sites for rhinestone pattern ideas. Print out pictures you like for inspiration or sketch favorite patterns in a notebook.

Look through craft books for ideas on rhinestone patterns. There are also craft websites that offer rhinestone pattern ideas and templates.

Purchase rhinestones at craft stores or online. Online sites offer a variety of rhinestones to choose from as well as information on how to apply rhinestones and rhinestone project ideas.

Purchase a plain figure skating dress from online stores as well as specialty glue made for use with rhinestones and skate dress fabric. Such glue is available in syringe form for easy application on most skate and dance apparel and equipment sites.

Lay your rhinestones over the dress until you have your desired pattern. Practice gluing pattern designs on pieces of paper or scrap figure skating dress material if desired. Mix and match rhinestones; focus a pattern on the top, bottom, or sleeves of the dress; or create symmetrical patterns or a large rhinestone design in one designated area of the dress, such as rhinestone flowers, butterflies or other intricate designs. The pattern can be as simple or as intricate as needed depending on the preference of the skater for whom you are designing the pattern.


  • Look for skating costume patterns on online shopping sites.