How to Date Currier & Ives Prints

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Things You'll Need

  • "Currier and Ives Prints" by Frederic Conningham
  • Magnifying glass

Nathaniel Currier, an artist originally from Boston, and James Ives, a native New York painter and bookkeeper, joined forces to form a company which produced prints of artwork in the 19th century. Their beautiful works are now highly collectible. Figuring out when your Currier and Ives print was produced is a fairly simple and quick task. You will only need a reference book or a computer and a magnifying glass.

Take a good look at your Currier and Ives print, especially the title and the publisher’s address. If necessary, write it down so you can use it as a reference.

Use a reference book on Currier and Ives prints, such as Frederic Connigham's "Currier and Ives Prints," to determine what date the picture was published.

Search online for Currier and Ives publication dates. The company produced prints between 1834 and 1907 in New York City. Knowing the publisher's address could help you to pin down the exact date.

Compare the publisher’s address on the print to the known addresses of Currier and Ives’ publishing company. For the first year of the company’s existence, it was on Broadway. Between 1852 and 1877, it moved between various addresses on Nassau Street. The company’s last known address was on Spruce Street, between the years 1896 and 1907.