How to Dance the Mashed Potato

How to Dance the Mashed Potato. Have you ever wondered what Dee Dee Sharp is asking everyone to do in her song "Mashed Potato Time?" Well now you can dance to that and all your other favorite '60s dance hits with these fun dance steps. Read on to learn how.

Stand with your legs at a comfortable, shoulder-length distance apart. To begin the dance, bend your right knee, pick your right foot up off the floor and shift your weight to your left leg so that you are leaning a bit to the left.

Pivot your left foot slightly clockwise and then pivot it back counter clockwise. Bring your right foot back close to your left foot and pivot it clockwise.

Bend your left knee and pick your left foot up off the floor and shift your weight to your right foot. At the same time, pivot your right foot counter clockwise. Then pivot your right foot clockwise and then counter clockwise.

Shift your weight to your left leg by bringing your left foot back to the floor. Bend your right knee and pick up your right foot as your left foot pivots counter clockwise.

Continue by repeating these steps over and over. Practice the dance until you can do the moves in a quick, flowing, rhythmic motion. Add arm and other bodily movements once you get more advanced.


  • Once you are able to do the Mashed Potato at a comfortable level, the pivot directions of your feet don't matter as much as that you are dancing in rhythm. Feel free to add more complicated pivots as you get more advanced.

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