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How to Customize Your Own Drumstick

How can you tell which are your drumsticks?
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It is human nature to want to customize things to mark it as your own property. This is particularly useful when you have items, such as drumsticks, that are virtually identical to every other type of that item. Drumsticks are fairly easy to customize, as they are usually made of wood or plastic. It is possible to buy customized drumsticks, but it is much more fun to customize them yourself. Why not stand out from the crowd?

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Palette Knife
  • Spray Paint In The Color(S) Of Your Choice
  • Pair Of Drumsticks
  • Newspaper
  • Selection Of Paintbrushes
  • A Well-Ventilated Area

Put the newspaper on the ground in the well-ventilated area. Smooth it out and secure it if necessary using some heavy items, such as bricks. This will prevent the paint from staining the ground.

Place the drumsticks onto the newspaper. Shake the spray can and apply the first layer of paint in short even strokes. The paint should appear even, and the color of the wood should not be showing. Allow the drumsticks to dry for 30 minutes or until the paint does not feel wet. Turn over the drumsticks and repeat.

Apply the next colors you want onto the drumstick. If you want a clear and defined edge, use some newspaper to cover up the area you do not want repainted. The edge of the newspaper will form the boundary of the colors.

If you wish to personalize your drumsticks further, you have two options. You can either create a stencil out of paper using a sharp palette knife and spray it on, or you can paint your name or design on using wood paints. Wood paints take longer to dry, so read the instructions carefully.


If the spray paint is not covering the wood adequately, build up the paint in layers. Apply an acrylic varnish after the other paints have dried to create a nice shine. Keep the tips of your sticks free from any major design, as the paint may quickly wear off of them. Avoid painting when it is humid or raining. This will reduce the gloss from the paint.


  • Aerosols are dangerous. The best place to use spray paint is outside. Wear goggles and a respirator. Wear loose old clothing that isn't important, in case some paint drifts onto and stains it.
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