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How to Crochet the Alphabet

A stencil may be used to develop a crochet alphabet pattern.
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Graph paper is a necessary tool for anyone who crochets. Use the paper with small, equally proportioned squares to map out a pattern for crochet items. This is a good tool to use to set up a crocheted alphabet project. Each square represents a stitch on a chart for you to reproduce with filet crochet, which is done with double crochet and chain stitches. Once you are able to follow a graph pattern, you can adapt it to make a single letter of the alphabet for many types of crochet projects. These projects include personalized blankets and pillows.

Things You'll Need:

  • G Hook
  • Crochet Cotton Or Fine Yarn
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pen Or Pencil
  • Art Eraser
  • Lined Paper
  • Graph Paper

Hand print the alphabet onto a piece of lined notebook paper to determine the shape that will work for your project. Look for a child's alphabet book, stencil or cursive penmanship tutorial for different types of alphabet characters to use as an alternate guideline.

Count five graph or grid squares down from the top of a piece of graph paper. Count five squares over from the side of the paper. Make a mark in the sixth square with a colored ink or pencil. This will be the top stitch or space of your letter. For example, the letters L, W, E and B will start in that square. The letter A, C, G and J will have a space that lines up at the top square.

Draw the letter following the guideline for the shaping using a regular pencil. This will help you determine how many squares long and wide the letter will be. Each square will represent a double crochet stitch.

Fill in each square of your guideline with the colored pen or pencil. This is your stitch pattern for the letter. The open squares bordering the letter is a set of spaces, which are made with a chain stitch. When you create a filet crochet piece, this will appear as open boxes next to the filler in letter stitching. A filet pattern is useful for crocheting a name or greeting using letters.

Make a chain or stitches for each box on your grid pattern. Add five more chain stitches.

Make a double crochet stitch in the eighth chain from the hook. This is your first open space or mesh square.

Make a two-stitch chain, skip two stitches and make a double crochet in the next stitch for each open square on your chart. Make a series or rows of open mesh until you get to your first row with filled-in letter squares on your grid pattern.

Stitch a double crochet. Make a double crochet in each of the next two stitches or an open square. Finish with a fourth double crochet for a block or filled-in square to match your grid pattern. Continue following your pattern until the row is complete. Turn and make a chain with five stitches. Crochet the next row in the pattern.


Use one color for the open mesh and a second color for the letters of a highlighted alphabet. You may make a sampler piece with the entire alphabet for a wall hanging in a nursery or classroom.


  • Pay close attention to your grid pattern or the shape of the letter will not turn out properly.
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