How to Crochet A Twin Size Blanket

Multi/Burgandy Twin Size Blanket

This is a handmade crochet blanket to fit over a twin size bed or a sofa while watching TV

The first step is to make 30 Granny Squares, each square consists of 9 rounds (rows)I always start out making the middle squares first. Chain stitch 6x join to make a loop, then make 3 double crochet chain 1,this makes the first section, 3 double crochet chain 1, second section, make these until you have 4 sections then join this is your first square middle. Then you continue until you have 8 rows of different colors, then the last row use the burgandy color this is your trim, this will make a large square, the first of 30 squares.

The second step is arrange your 30 squares into 5 rows consisting of 6 squares each as the blanket will be 5 rows of 6 squares, try to arrange the squares in a way so the same colors.

Step 3 is to join your 5 rows of 6 squares together this will make your blanket almost complete, just a little more to go.


The 4 & last step is to add your trim to your blanket this is the finishing touch. You single crochet all the way around the blanket 1x then the next row you do 3 double crochet in one chain to make a section, then skip 2 chains, continue around at the cornors chain 2x inbetween the corner sections then join at the end. Here is your finished blanket