How to Create a Head Table Swag

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric or garland
  • Tape, clips or heavy centerpieces
  • Pins
  • Bows, flowers, silk butterflies (optional)

Swagging your head table with material such as fabric or garland is a simple but attractive way to decorate for your wedding. It is also easy to personalize this decoration. Not only can you swag your table with any color or material imaginable, but you can also add extra decorations, such as bows, flowers or silk butterflies, allowing you to incorporate every color or theme from your wedding.

Measure the length of the table. Double this measurement to determine how much fabric or garland you need. If you want your swags to come close to the floor, triple the measurement.

Determine how many points you want to use to attach the swag to the top of the table, not including the edges of the table. Add one to this number, then divide the length of the table by the new number to determine how far apart the swags need to be to be evenly spaced. For example, if you want to attach a swag to a 120-inch table in three places, you would add one to three to get four. You would then divide 120 by four to get 30. You would attach the swags every 30 inches.

Place pins in the tablecloth at the intervals you determined in Step 2 so you can line up the swags correctly. For instance, in the previous example, you would place pins every 30 inches.

Tape the tablecloth to the table so the weight of the swag does not pull it to the floor. You can also hold the tablecloth in place by putting heavy centerpieces on each end and in the center, or by securing the side of the table that faces away from your guests with heavy clips.

Pin one end of the fabric to the corner of the tablecloth, or secure it with a heavy clip. Cover it with decorations, such as a bow or flower, to make the pin or clip less obvious.

Attach the swag to the tablecloth at each place where you put a pin, covering the clip or pin with a bow, flower or other decoration at each spot.


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