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How to Completely Erase Pencil

Completely Erase Pencil

Things You'll Need:

  • Vinyl eraser
  • Rubber shaped eraser
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Electronic eraser
  • Correction fluid (optional)
  • Broad brush

How to Completely Erase Pencil. Most artist stock up on pencils and paper to create their art, however many neglect to purchase erasers. When removing stray pencil marks or to completely change the design, a high quality eraser is an artists most important tool. Completely remove pencil marks with these steps.

Review the lines for erasure. Select the appropriate type of eraser. The darker pencil marks and type of paper determines eraser choice.

Utilize a vinyl eraser. Their soft texture makes them ideal for completely removing light pencil marks.

Try a rubber shaped eraser. Firmer textures offer better results for removing pencil marks. Choose one that you can attach to your pencil or purchase it in bar form.

Rub out pencil mark with a kneaded eraser. Manipulate or knead the eraser to eliminate marks of any size.

Use an eraser stick. Rubber eraser sticks are shaped like pencils and versatile enough to remove pencil marks without strain.

Erase marks with an electronic eraser. The spinning motion of the eraser delivers superior results to hand rubbing.

Apply correction fluid. Cover up a dark mark completely and write over with correction fluid. A pen applicator offers the most control to apply an even smooth coat.

Wipe off the debris. Use a broad brush to remove the eraser particles left on your paper.


Darker markings are harder to remove, so use less pressure on the paper or switch to a softer lead for best results. Purchase a wide selection of erasers to use on different forms of paper and with different types of pencil lead.


  • Use rubber shaped erasers carefully as they can stain or tear your paper.
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