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How to Clean Diamond Rings With Windex

How To Clean Diamond Rings With Windex

Diamonds continue to be a girl's best friend as long as they sparkle in brilliance. To maintain the radiant beauty and luster of diamond rings and other diamond jewelry, all it takes is a simple cleaning with Windex window cleaner. Windex window cleaner quickly dissolves buildup on diamond rings from lotions, perfumes, lint and dirt to reveal the true diamond behind the jewel. Keep diamond rings looking showcase new by cleaning them regularly with Windex window cleaner.

Lay ring on paper towel.

Spray Windex on ring, turning it over to saturate evenly. Be sure to spray the underside as well.


Allow to sit for 1 to 2 minutes.

Spray toothbrush with Windex.

Brush diamond ring with toothbrush, making certain all crevices are covered, including the underside.


Fill bowl with hot water.

Place cleaned ring in hot water to rinse.

Remove ring from hot water and dry with blow dryer.

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