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How to Clean a Bongo Drum Skin

Bongo drums can be cleaned without chemicals and oils.
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Bongo drums provide a steady, earthy beat to any song. Whether played alone or in conjunction with other instruments, percussion instruments such as the bongos create a natural sound that is pleasing to the ear. However, with constant contact to the head of the bongo when playing, the skin eventually becomes dirty. Clean a bongo drum skin with simple items from the home to keep the skin in good condition.

Things You'll Need:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Cotton Cloth

Remove large particles from the skin by hand from the surface. Dust off the skin of the drum with a dry cloth to remove dust and prepare the skin for cleaning.

Fill one-fourth of a spray bottle with water. Lay a clean cotton cloth onto a clean surface and spray the water onto the cloth in a sweeping motion to lightly dampen it.

Carefully clean the skin’s surface with the damp side of the cloth. Avoid using a wet cloth to prevent damaging the skin. Dry the surface of the skin with a dry cotton cloth after cleaning.

Clean the shell of the bongo drum with the damp cloth to remove dust from the surface. Store the drum in a dry and dark area of the home to preserve the skin.


Keep bongo drums away from sunlight and humid temperatures to prevent damaging the skin.

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