How to Build Model Cars

How to Build Model Cars. Model cars are among the most commonly built models on the market. From classic cars to today's hottest sports cars, countless model builders put the finishing touches on the automobiles of their dreams every single day. Model cars are also among the easiest models to build, making it easy to get into the hobby and create a finished product you can be proud of.

Build Model Cars

Read the instructions carefully before you begin to build. Doing so will give you the chance to see what steps are necessary and when, so that you can prepare pieces in advance. You may need to paint and finish certain pieces before gluing them, for example.

Leave plastic components on the sprue, which is the plastic backing and wiry connection that holds all of the parts together in the packaging. Doing so will prevent you from losing pieces prior to gluing them.

Wash all of the plastic components before you begin to work with them. Resins and oils are used during the molding process, and they are not always completely removed from the plastic once packaged. Those oils can make it difficult for parts to stick as they should.

Use a miniature file to file down any flash (bits of plastic left over from the molding). This will give you a flat, rough surface to which the glue can better adhere. This will also make your parts look more natural, as it removes evidence of molding from edges.

File, prime and paint interior pieces before gluing them into place. It is very difficult to paint or finish pieces once they are locked into the interior of the car, because it is hard to maneuver paint brushes, files and glue spouts in such a confined space.

Follow the directions carefully, even if they seem contrary to the procedure that would make the most sense. Some models, particularly more detailed ones, require that certain pieces be in place to provide support for later stages.

Use a lacquer or a glossy finish on your model once you've completed construction, or use it on specific parts throughout construction. The glossy finish will give your model a highly waxed look, making it appear like a brand new car.


The small parts that ship with model cars can be a choking hazard for smaller children, so always monitor them if they are "helping out" with the building process. Be gentle on the more delicate parts, like the gear shift and the antenna. During construction, they can get in the way, and they have a habit of breaking when not treated with care.

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