How to Build a Robot Out of a Box

To build a robot out of a box, use several different sizes, a good pair of scissors, some glue and spray paint to construct a life-size automatron. Add plastic accents to a box to make it look like a robot with information from a computer graphics artist in this free video on robots.

About the Author

John Funk has been working professionally in the computer graphics industry since 1995, fulfilling one of his dreams of becoming a full-time artist. What started as an interest in special effects has grown into a career. His interest in model making started at an early age; when the movie "Star Wars" debuted, the art of special effects filmmaking consumed his creativity. Since that time, Funk has been refining his skills and talents with a variety of media and interests, including computer graphics, and he started the "CozmicFunk Studio" as a VFX company creating all of the stories and scripts, VFX with composites, robotics, sound effects, music, and edited and finished content, including DVDs for his independent productions.