How to Build a Mosquito Net Frame

Frame layout

For anyone who has ever been camping, you know that getting a good night's sleep is usually dependent on keeping the bugs out of your bed. This simple PVC frame can be easily packed into your camping gear and assembled at the campsite in just a few minutes. It works well with both a fold up cot or set up over your sleeping bag.

Frame layout

Things You'll Need

  • 3/4 Inch Pvc Pipe, Cut Into The Following Lengths: 4 @ 42 Inches Each, 4 @ 30 Inches Each, 4 @ 36 Inches Each, 4 @ 4 Inches Each
  • 4 Each - 3/4 Inch Pvc "T" Sections
  • 8 Each - 3/4 Inch Pvc 90 Degree "Elbows"
  • Mosquito Netting
  • 2 Each - 3/4 Inch Pvc Straight Connectors
  • 1 Bar, Unscented Bar Soap

Begin by using the bar soap to coat the inside of the "elbow", "T" and straight connectors. This will help the pieces slide together easier.

Lay out the pieces on the ground to match the drawing.

Begin assembly by connecting the corners and "T" sections to the appropriate straight sections.

Assemble the 'square' ends of the frame first, and then connect the two end sections with the long straight sections.

Position the frame over your cot or sleeping bag and drape the mosquito netting over the frame.


  • You can use a canvas bag from a folding sports chair to pack your frame for transport. A small camping fan can be hung from the frame to cool you on hot nights.


  • Be sure that the netting doesn't touch your sleeping bag as this will allow bugs to bite your through the netting.