How to Build a Folding Cot

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Folding cots are a useful and enjoyable addition to your camping paraphernalia. They are portable and easy to store when not in use. Meanwhile, being elevated off the ground ensures you get a more comfortable night's sleep. You can purchase a manufactured folding cot or you can construct your own. Using PVC to build your folding cot will keep it lightweight and allow for it to be completely disassembled for ease of carrying.

Folding cots make camping a little more comfortable.
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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • 4 Pvc Three-Way Corner Pieces
  • Sand Paper Or Sanding Block
  • 2 10-Foot-Long Pieces Of 2-Inch-Diameter Pvc Pipe
  • Canvas
  • Pvc Saw

Cut your PVC into two 6-foot pieces, two 3-foot pieces and four 6-inch pieces.

Sand the rough edges.

Assemble cot frame using corner pieces by forming a rectangle out of the longer pieces and using the short 6-inch pieces for feet.

Cut canvas into a rectangle that measures 6 feet 5 inches by 3 feet 5 inches.

Stretch canvas over the cot frame and wrap in around the PVC edges pinning the fabric to itself on the underside. Make sure the fabric is stretched extremely taught.

Disassemble the frame and slide the PVC pieces out of the pinned fabric.

Sew the fabric where you've pinned it creating open sections to slide the PVC through again later.

When ready to use slide the PVC pieces into the slots in the canvas and reassemble to cot frame.