How to Build a Bookcase on Wheels

Things You'll Need

  • Wood bookcase
  • Casters/wheels
  • Drill with screw bit
  • Screws

How to Build a Bookcase on Wheels. Turn any ordinary wood bookcase into one you can move around with ease. A bookcase on wheels gives you a place for storage, but also allows for movement to a needed location or just rolled out of the way. Adding wheels to the bottom of a bookcase is a simple process that takes an hour or less to complete.

Decide whether to simply add wheels to an existing bookcase or to build a new bookcase. Home improvement and discount stores stock pre-made bookcases.

Select appropriate casters for the weight of the bookcase and the items you plan to store on it. The caster packaging contains information to guide you. A bookcase filled with textbooks will be heavier than a bookcase with small collectibles.

Flip the selected bookcase upside down so that the bottom is facing up. Place the bookcase on a flat and stable surface.

Hold the first caster in place on a bottom corner of the bookcase and drill pilot holes. This prevents the wood from splitting when you screw in the casters. Repeat with the other three corners.

Align the caster with the pilot holes and screw into place.

Turn the bookcase to the upright position and roll it around to check that it's stable with the newly added casters.


  • Keep the height of the bookcase to around 3 ft. and use it as a serving table or buffet during parties. Roll it into position, place the front against a wall or put a table cloth over the entire piece.


  • Very tall bookcases may tip easily if you add wheels to the bottom.

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