How to Braid a Leather Cord

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Things You'll Need

  • Bulldog clip
  • 3 leather cords

Leather cord braiding varies from very simple and basic braids all the way to fancy braids and knots. It is always best to learn the basics first so that as you progress you develop an understanding of the various types of leather, the tools you will need and how and why techniques work. An easy beginner's braid is a three-strand braid.

Gather the ends of three leather cords together and clamp them to a non-moving surface such as the edge of a table. The leather cords should be at least 12 inches long for good practice.

Arrange the three cords so that one is to the left, one is to the right and one is in the middle.

Bring the right cord across and over the center cord. This will move the former right cord into the center position. This will also move the former center cord into the right position.

Bring the left cord across and over the new center cord. This will move the center cord to the left position and the left cord will become the new center cord. This completes one full pass of the braid.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to continue the braid. Keep the braid tight by holding the leather cords firmly in your hands, exchanging cords and tugging slightly to keep the leather tight. Try not to twist the leather as you braid for the best appearance.


  • This type of braid is also called a plait. It is the easiest braid to learn for most people. If you practice with a flat leather strip, note how you can fold the leather when you cross the center to keep the plait flat.