How to Blow out an Egg for Crafts

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Things You'll Need

  • Raw eggs
  • Needle
  • Bowl

Decorating eggs to make crafts for Easter, Christmas or anytime is a popular craft, enjoyed by children and adults. You can use hen eggs, tiny quail eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, swan eggs or any egg you have on hand. However, first the raw eggs have to be blown out and dried.

Take a needle and make a small hole in each end of the raw egg; the rounded end and the pointed end. The pointed end may be a little harder to pierce than the rounded end, therefore apply more pressure, being careful not to smash the egg.

Poke the needle or a slim nail into the cavity of the egg through one of the holes you have just made and pierce the yolk. This makes the egg easier to blow out of the shell.

Place a small bowl in front of you and place your lips over the hole at the rounded end of the egg and steadily blow out the liquid contents. Controlled blowing ensures the pointed end of the egg remains intact and doesn’t crack.

Rinse the inner shells under running water and set them aside to dry, once you have processed the amount of eggs required for your project

Use the liquid eggs for scrambled eggs or omelets.


  • Duck and goose eggs have stronger shells to work with; however, they may be harder to purchase. Ask about purchasing them at local farms.

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