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How to Attach a Sanding Disk to a Disk Sander

Attaching a sanding disc to a disc sander is a simple process. The attachment method varies depending on if you have a sanding disc that screws on or one that attaches with adhesive. However the disc is applied, the old disc must be removed before the new disc can be attached. It is important to attach the sanding disc in the correct manner so that it will sand surfaces evenly and without causing deep scratches.

Things You'll Need:

  • Adhesive Remover
  • Rags
  • Disc Sander
  • Ratchet Set
  • Sanding Disc
  • Putty Knife

Inspect the disc sander to determine the proper way to attach the sanding disc. Some use adhesive sanding discs, while others use a screw system. It will be easy to tell which kind of attachment your sander uses.

Remove the old sanding disc. To remove an adhesive sanding disc, cover the edges of the disc with adhesive remover to loosen the adhesive from the disc sander. Use a putty knife to pry the disc from the surface of the disc sander. Add more adhesive remover as necessary to help remove the sanding disc. Remove a screw-on disc by choosing the correct sized ratchet to fit over the screws attaching the disc in place. Unscrew the discs and set the screws aside.

Attach a sanding disc that attaches with screws by holding the new disc over the disc sander face. Screw the sanding disc in place by hand to steady the sanding disc and to keep the disc even so you thread the screws correctly. Use the ratchet to tighten the screws firmly against the disc sander face.

Attach an adhesive sanding disc by cleaning the surface of the disc sander face with adhesive remover and a soft cloth. Allow the surface to dry. Peel the paper cover from the adhesive backing on the new disc. Align the edges of the sanding disc with the edges of the disc sander face. Press the disc into the metal face starting from the inside and working out toward the edges. This is the easiest way to remove any wrinkles from the sanding surface. The disc should lie completely flat against the disc face.

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