How to Attach a Router to a Table

A router is a marvelous tool, and there are plenty of books and articles readily available to help you choose the proper bit to create the exact effect you need. One way to achieve perfect machine-like results almost every time is to mount your router to a special router table. This holds the router (and router bit) steady and allows you to pass your wood stock by the spinning bit using guides which guarantee an accurate cut time after time. This also permits you to produce multiple, identical copies of projects. To achieve these results, all you need to do is to mount your router bit-side-up underneath a specially-designed table which allows the cutting bit to poke up above the level of the table. As with any power tool, it is important for you to follow all manufacturer's instructions, wear proper protective clothing, and wear eye protection and a breathing mask as well as gloves.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Wood Stock
  • Router Table
  • Router Bit(S)
  • Breathing Mask
  • Eye Protection
  • Router
  • Screwdriver

Remove the router attachment plate from the center of the router table. This is not an option with all router tables. If your table does not offer a removable router mounting plate, then continue to Step Four.

Attach the router attachment plate to your router's base plate. Line up the router attachment plate with the mounting holes on your router's base plate (the round plate that surrounds the router's bit). There will be several different hole patterns in the router attachment plate--one of the patterns will align with the mounting holes on your brand of router. Insert the screws that come with the router table to hold your router firmly to the attachment plate.

Set the attachment plate (with your router attached) into the recessed hole in the center of your router table. The router itself will be hanging down below the table with the router bit extending up through a hole in the table top. On most models of router table there will be four small, recessed screws that will hold the router attachment plate firmly to the table top.

Attach your router to the permanent router attachment plate on the top of your router table. There will be a series of pre-drilled holes in the attachment plate. Insert your router so the bit pokes up through the hole in the table and align the holes in your router's base plate with the pre-drilled holes in the table top. Use screws to hold your router firmly to the underside of the table.


  • All screws used to attach your router to the table top need to be recessed so their heads are flush (or slightly below) the level of the table top.


  • Follow all manufacturer's guidelines exactly when attaching and using your router. Always wear protective clothing, including gloves. Always wear eye protection. Always use a breathing mask. Always use a push stick to push your material through the router.