How to Attach a Resume to a Headshot

Professional actors must always bring a headshot and acting resume to their auditions. The resume should outline past roles, special talents, languages and dialects spoken, as well as professional coaching or training. Your headshot is a professional photo of yourself that gives the casting director an insight into your look and potential screen presence. It is best to attach the resume to the back of your headshot so that all of your relevant information is easily accessible to the casting director and assistants.

Place your resume on the backside of your headshot.

Align the top of your resume with the top of your headshot.


Staple the top corners of your headshot and resume, making sure to keep the solid side of the staple on the headshot, while the uneven side of the staple is exposed on the resume side. This gives a more polished aesthetic to your headshot.


Staple the bottom corners of your resume to your headshot, following the same aesthetic as you did on the first two staples.