How to Assemble an X Stand Keyboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Keyboard stand
  • Allen wrench

Assembling X and double-X (also called double-braced) keyboard stands is a simple activity that requires few tools. Most X keyboard stands you can purchase will even include the Allen wrench needed to complete the activity. The most important thing to be wary of is attaching the top and bottom bars to the appropriate end of the “X.”

Find the piece of the stand that makes an “X” shape. It will be the piece with a hinge in the middle. Most double-braced stands have a lever you pull up at one end (which will be the top), and most single-braced stands have a lever at the hinge you pull out. Depending on your stand, pull up or out on the lever to make the X shape.

Determine which end of the stand is the top and which is the bottom. Lay out the other pieces so you know which bars will go across the top and which ones will go across the bottom.

Start with the bottom bars. Place one bar over the X stand and match the holes. Each point of the X will have a bar that goes across it. The holes will already be in place for you, and you must tighten a screw through the holes with an Allen wrench. The bar should be placed so that it extends in front of and behind the point of the X. Tighten the screws in both bottom bars of the stand.

Place the stand upright so it rests on the bottom bars. Attach the top bars in the same way you connected the bottom bars.

Check each bar to ensure the screws are fastened tightly. Also inspect the bars to check that the bars are in the correct place (for instance, the bottom bars are on the bottom of the X). Check the stability of the stand.


  • Look at a picture of the stand while assembling your stand. Attach the top and bottom bars while the stand is in the “X” position rather than its folded-up and compact position.


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