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How to Anodize Titanium With a Torch

Titanium is one of three metals that produces colors on its surface when electricity is passed through the metal or when heated. These two processes are known as anodizing. The other two metals are niobium and tantalum. Titanium begins to change color at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The easiest colors to achieve, when heating titanium with a torch, are bronze, blue and yellow. Red, purple and green are hard to control due to the closeness in temperature range. There is a fine line where the metal will turn black when the temperature becomes too hot.

Things You'll Need:

  • Bench Vise Or Jeweler'S Third Hand
  • Safety Glasses
  • Striker
  • 1-By-2 Inch Strip Of Titanium
  • Torch

Clamp a 1-by-2 inch strip of titanium in a bench vise or third hand. Position the titanium so it is on a straight vertical. A third hand is a jewelry tool with cross-lock tweezers clamped in a stand.

Put on a pair of safety glasses. Light the torch with a striker.

Hold the flame approximately 3 inches from the surface of the titanium. Slowly lower the flame until it is just above the surface. Move the flame in small circular motions over the titanium's surface.

Watch the metal carefully for color changes. Remove the heat at once to prevent the color from disappearing. The metal will continue to heat for a few seconds after the flame is removed. The increase in temperature causes the color on the metal to continue to change.

Allow the titanium to cool. Remove the cooled metal from the bench vise or third hand.

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