How to Advertise an Art Gallery Show

Advertise an Art Gallery Show

How to Advertise an Art Gallery Show. Advertising is a key component in the success of an art gallery show, especially if there are multiple galleries serving the same market. Innovative and effective advertising can be quick and simple if you follow a few easy steps.

Appear inviting. Sometimes people are interested in art but intimidated by art galleries if they don't collect often. By advertising in "everyday" publications like newspapers, a gallery can reach a large audience and appear inviting.

Appeal to young hipsters. Take the time to advertise in local university or college publications, especially to majors like Art History. Even if students don't come to the gallery with bulging wallets, they may help stir up publicity and bring in those who are ready to buy.

Focus on the arts in general. Consumers interested in the arts often have a hand in several different types. Ask local book and clothing store owners and restaurateurs about placing flyers or cards in their businesses.

Produce attractive advertising material. People expect art galleries to be attractive and innovative, so advertising should be, too. Enlist local artists or copywriters to help spice up your ad material and boost the attention for your show.

Participate in local arts organizations and events. A surefire way to tap into the local art scene is to join a local gallery organization or participate in a gallery walk. Not only will you meet new people, you might get some new ideas or network to gain some advertising expertise.

Enlist participating artists to help advertise. The artists in your gallery show will probably spread the word of the show out of pure excitement, but be sure to urge the artists to advertise the show on their website or blog as well.

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