How Does Self-Weeding Transfer Paper Work?

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If you have ever attempted to do a heat transfer on your own, you can probably remember how the rest of the page sticks to your project alongside your image. Self-weeding paper eliminates that issue.


Self-weeding transfer paper is an inkjet transfer paper that allows you to skip the hassle of trimming, also known as weeding, around your image. This type of paper transfers only the image you want with no overprint.


Self-weeding paper creates a clean effect with the help of a negative image printed on regular printer paper. This image is created using programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop and a laser printer. The negative image is then used to weed off the polymer background.


Equipment Needed

To use this paper effectively, you need an inkjet printer to produce your image, a laser copier to print your negative image, plain paper, the transfer paper and software that can create negative images. This paper works on any color fabric except black and will not transfer light spots on dark colors.