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How to Hang a Velcro Backdrop

Velcro fasteners are a great way to create removable backdrops.
velcro image by Fuzzphoto from Fotolia.com

Attaching your backdrops with Velcro can be an easy and efficient way to switch between dozens of large backdrops with minimal effort and minimal damage to the backdrops themselves. After setting up your studio to support Velcro equipment and affixing the Velcro to the proper positions on your backdrops, you will be ready for many years of reliable service by your backdrops, and it will be easy to add new backdrops to your rotating lineup.

Things You'll Need:

  • Velcro fasteners
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Fabric glue

Affix generous portions of the soft side of the Velcro fasteners to the corners of your backdrops using glue if the factory adhesive is not satisfactory. These areas of Velcro should be at least 3 inches square for maximum support but should not be too big, or they will be difficult to remove. Place an additional Velcro patch in the center of the backdrop, and a thin strip along each edge, which will make it easier for you to smooth out your backdrops.

Write down the measurements for the Velcro strips on the backdrop and use the tape measure to transfer these dimensions to the surface on which you will be hanging the backdrops. Sketch in these lines using a pencil.

Attach the rough side (or hook side) of the Velcro to the wall in the places marked with the pencil. If you will be using multiple sizes of backdrops, you can easily place Velcro in different places, and it will not hurt the look of the backdrops when they are attached.

Attach the Velcro backdrop starting at the top of the backdrop and working your way down. Work carefully to ensure that everything is tight so you do not have to reattach segments and work out creases. After completely attaching the backdrop, reevaluate the tightness of the fabric and work out any problems.

Detach the backdrop by beginning at the top of the fabric and slowly peeling it from the Velcro. Roll the fabric up tightly to prevent creasing and scratch marks from the fabric brushing against the Velcro on the wall.


Store your Velcro backdrops either rolled up or hanging from the ceiling on shower hooks or professional backdrop hooks. The soft Velcro on these backdrops will not hurt the material, but to be safe, do to not apply any extra pressure to the areas that press against the Velcro.

Most Velcro comes with excellent sticky surfaces, but you can also sew the Velcro on if you wish.


  • Be careful not to let your backdrops brush up against the rough Velcro of the wall, as this can damage the material.
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