Homemade Welding Cable Reels

Things You'll Need

  • 14-inch rim
  • 3-foot-long, 2-by-2-inch piece of square stock, 1/4-inch thick
  • 12-square of 1/4-inch flat steel plate
  • Drill press
  • 4 anchor bolts
  • Safety glasses
  • Welding machine
  • Welding hood
  • Welding gloves

Welding cable is a loose cable sold in lengths beginning at 25 feet. This loose cable is not always conducive to a work situation. You can build a sturdy homemade reel from a 14-inch tire rim. This sturdy cable reel is welded to a steel plate that is secured to the floor with anchor bolts.

Drill a hole that is the same diameter as the anchor bolts approximately 1 inch from each corner of the 1/4-inch steel plate, which will be the base of the welding cable reel. Anchor bolts are sold in various sizes, so make sure the holes will accommodate the bolt size.

Center the small end of the 3-foot piece of 2-inch square stock on the drilled, 1/4-inch steel plate. Weld in place. This is the post for the welding cable reel.

Tip the post to the side so it is resting on the top point and the edge of the 1/4-inch steel plate base.

Position the rim on the post in the desired position. Weld the rim to the post.

Tip the welding cable reel upright. Anchor the base to the desired location.

About the Author

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