Homemade Hawaiian Table Decorations

Hawaii image by K.C. from Fotolia.com

The Hawaiian culture lends itself well to decorations in that the land is marked by brightly colored flowers, exotic plants and miles of ocean. Luaus being a popular party theme makes finding the tools and supplies for creating your own decorations that much easier a task. Hawaiian-themed decorations can be easily constructed through many items found in your own home or from a local craft or party store.

Pineapple Pyramid

Create an exotic fruit pineapple pyramid, appropriate for a luau or Hawaiian-themed event. Choose a pineapple or coconut as a centerpiece for the display and place it in a tray. The tray should be exotic looking and of a native island style. A bamboo tray would work well. If you are using a coconut, stacking several will give an interesting visual effect. Once the focal point is selected and positioned, scatter other exotic fruits around it and around the tray. Colorful berries, melons and citrus fruits will work well. Position some Hawaiian silk flowers in the centerpiece as well, such as bright orchids.

Grass Skirt Table Drape

Cut grass skirts so they hang in one long line instead of a circle. Attach the skirts along the edges of tables at the party so that they hang down the way a tablecloths would. Cut some silk or plastic flowers and glue them to the edges of the tables, or to the strands of the skirts that are hanging. If desired, wrap some Christmas lights around the edges of the tables, to further highlight the grass skirt decorations.

Lei Garland

Use brightly colored tissue paper to create lei garlands to be draped over tables and around centerpieces and place settings. Use the colorful tissue paper to create simple flowers. Attach the homemade flowers to strings with glue and hang as desired. Wrap the garlands around vases, table legs, or let hang from the edges of the tables.