How to Get Glasses Polarized

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Polarized lenses have been used by sport fishermen and other outdoorsmen for decades due to their ability to eliminate the solar glare that bounces off of lake water. Light that refracts from flat surfaces typically scatters in a horizontal direction, causing a blinding glare. Having a polarized filter on lenses allows the glasses to remove this glare from view. Because they can greatly improve visibility, polarized lenses have become popular on eye glasses as well as sunglasses, but typically require a specialist to apply the polarizing filter.

Call a local optometrist and schedule an appointment. Let him know you do not require an eye exam and you only want to get your glasses polarized. Since this is considered a drop off, he may tell you to just come in without an appointment.

Take your glasses to the optometrist’s office. Give the glasses to the optometrist and explain that you want to get the glasses polarized. Be ready to leave your glasses with the optometrist. Have a back-up pair of glasses ready for when you leave the store.

Go home and wait for your glasses to get polarized. The optometrist will need to take the glasses apart to clean them, and also to expose the entire lens surface so a filter can be created and applied. This process could take less than a day or it could take up to a week. The amount of time depends primarily on how busy the particular optometrist is. An approximate time will be given when you drop off the glasses, and they will call you when they are ready.

Return to the optometrist to retrieve your glasses. In addition to having the new polarizing filter on the lenses, you will find that the glasses have received a detailed professional cleaning.


  • Polarized glasses will also filter out many types of LED and LCD displays, such as bank ATM screens and GPS displays. For this reason, polarized lenses are not recommended for pilots or others who rely heavily on digital instruments.