Games to Play at an Indoor Party for Adults

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Adult parties are often in need of the same structure and ice breakers as parties for children. Whether you are introducing new friends or planning for a weekly social gathering, party games can provide a backdrop for chatting and bonding. Party games can be small on effort and big on laughs and will keep those RSVPs coming for your next event.

Murder Mystery

Structure your party and get every guest involved in an intriguing game by hosting a "murder mystery." Basically, the challenge is to solve a crime, but the game can be played in a couple of different ways.

One possibility is to hire a murder mystery party company to come to your home and set up the mystery, characters and props. This allows you, as host, to join in the game, too. The elaborate costumes and characters make this game an event. Ask your guests to come to the party in character to add to the fun. For a do-it-yourself option, purchase a murder mystery kit that lays out the story line and preparation needed for you to organize the crime game yourself. Either way, a murder mystery party game gets people talking and helps break the ice among unfamiliar guests.

Board Games

Choose new or classic board games to entertain smaller groups of people for hours of casual fun. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or even Chutes and Ladders will have guests gathered around a central area to play and talk. Board games provide structure to your party, but also allow guests to socialize during play. Set up snacks and drinks nearby and your plan is complete.

Karaoke Contest

You’ll need a karaoke machine for this game, but it’s well worth the rental or purchase price. Appoint three judges and draft the rest of the guests to perform either solo or in teams. The judges rank each group or person, and scores are collected until everyone performs. At the end of the show the highest-ranking team or individual wins. Broaden your scope by also scoring for “Most Entertaining” and “Best Effort” so that there are multiple winners. Some cable companies offer karaoke channels that provide music and words, which will help cut your costs.

Active Games

Charades and Pictionary are two active games that can involve party guests in some hilarious fun. Choose challenging words or pictures that may relate to your guests, such as interesting job titles, vacation spots or favorite foods. Write these things on slips of paper. Break party guests up into teams and either act out or draw the word until team members guess correctly or you run out of an allotted amount of time. Teams take turns until one team guesses correctly the most number of times.