Games for a Hollywood Theme Party

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Hollywood-themed parties are all about bringing the fantasy of blockbuster films and celebrities to life for your guests. Whether you splurge on a full-scale event complete with a red carpet and "paparazzi," or you're hosting a small gathering at home, games often are the most exciting aspect of the party. Take the age group of your attendees into consideration when playing. Choose movies and celebrities suitable for your demographic to suit all ages.

Board Games

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If you browse the aisles of your local toy and game store, you'll find a wide variety of board games based on movies, or popular board games such as Monopoly with Hollywood "editions." Monopoly has several Hollywood edition games based on movies and characters including Indiana Jones, "Godfather," the Fantastic Four and Pixar. For serious Hollywood fanatics, "Hollywood Blockbuster" is a compelling board game where players bid on directors, hire crew members and cast, and produce their own virtual movies.

Trivia Games

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Test your guests' knowledge of Hollywood movies and characters with Hollywood-themed trivia games. Find creative ways for guests to give clues to their teams. One idea is to play movie trivia where players must hum a song from a movie to try to get her team to guess the movie title. Another idea is movie scramble, where you scramble the titles of three movies and have one player give clues as her team tries to unscramble and name the three titles separately.

Celebrity-Focused Games

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Celebrities are one of the driving forces of Hollywood and almost everyone has a favorite. Celebrity-focused games get your guests excited and engaged. Celebrity mash-up involves printing celebrity headshots from online, cutting them into strips and mixing two of them. Guests then guess the mash-up. Another idea is celebrity impressions, where players draw a celebrity and use their best impressions of that celebrity to get their team to guess the famous person.

Other Games

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Try getting creative and coming up with your own games. For instance, you might get movie figurines and props from a toy or collectible store, blindfold players and have them guess which movie it's from. Another idea is to print a bunch of movie posters and challenge teams to sort them by release date. For example, you may choose Pixar movies and have teams sort them from earliest to latest. Mix teams of adults or teens with younger children to balance things out. Another idea is to have players recite popular lines from movies and have their team guess the movie.

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