Games for Kids With Kraft Foods

Use food to create games for children.
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Kraft Foods is the maker of many foods that serve as children's meals, snacks and desserts. Many of the food items may also be used for games. Games incorporating food can help children learn about the different types of food and encourage trying new foods. For younger children, you can also use food to help them learn about textures and shapes.

Blindfold Feeding

The game of Blindfold Feeding involves feeding children different types of Kraft Foods items while they are blindfolded. Children are to guess what the food is, based on taste. The child or the group that guesses the most correctly wins the game. Try Kraft Foods such as cheese, mayonnaise, cookies, peanuts and chocolates for this game.

Feeling and Smelling Food

The game of Feeling and Smelling Food involves separating children into teams of two or more people. One member of each team steps forward and is blindfolded. They are both handed the same Kraft Foods item to feel and smell and the first to guess what it is wins a point for the team. The game continues, rotating to other team members. The team with the most points earned wins the game. Try Kraft Foods such as Cool Whip, Jell-O, cookies and cheese.

Stacking and Building

Kraft Foods has many cookie brands, including Oreos, Chips Ahoy!, Ritz, Fig Newtons and others. Mix together the different cookies and start stacking the cookies on top of one another. The child with the tallest tower of cookies wins. After the game, snack on the cookies together or try building other things with the cookies.

Spin the Bottle

Take two to three Kraft Foods items of the same type and place them on a plate. For instance, you can have a plate of deli meats, chocolates, cookies and condiments. Place the plates to surround a bottle that is lying on the floor. Each child will take a turn spinning the bottle and wherever the cap of the bottle points, the child needs to eat all items on that plate.