Funeral Keepsake Gifts

A keepsake gift helps mourners honor the memory of a loved one.
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A funeral keepsake gift is a memento or token that honors the memory of the deceased and helps mourners keep a piece of their loved one in their hearts. These items can be one object that the family of the deceased takes home with them, or can be small tokens that each of the mourners at the funeral takes home.

Oil Painting

A special type of oil painting called a cremation portrait can be a warm reminder of your loved one. Artists take a bit of the ashes from the cremation ceremony and mix it with paint that is used to paint a beautiful oil portrait. The painting can be a peaceful landscape or a portrait of your deceased loved one. This keepsake is a good alternative if your family doesn't wish to keep a cremation urn displayed.

Prayer Card

Prayer cards can easily be designed by professional printers and can include a photo of the deceased along with one of their favorite religious verses. Each mourner can keep one of the cards in remembrance of the day. If the funeral is to have a less religious tone you can include a favorite poem or verse on the card in place of the prayer. These cards can also be framed and kept or stored in a scrapbook.

Memorial Candle

Candles are universal symbols of remembrance and can be used as a single gift or handed out en masse to mourners. You can have a ceramic candle holder painted with the image of the deceased as a gift for the mourning family. Or, hand out white candlesticks stuck through paper cups that the mourners can light and carry during a procession. The cups will help protect hands from dripping wax.