Fun Things Women Can Do

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Women are burdened with many of the same modern day challenges as men, on top of the hardships they face on their own. Women need safe ways to break out of a rut and enjoy their lives. There are many exciting activities women can participate with or without friends in order to lead more balanced and fulfilled lives.


Exercise does not have to be a dreaded part of a woman or even a man's day. Regular exercise can help elevate overall physical appearance, boost confidence and elevate a woman's overall mood by releasing endorphins during exercise. There are even gyms whose membership is restricted to only women, such as the Curves gym franchise. Speaking with a physician before starting any workout can help increase the chances of attaining a realistic exercise plan and reducing risk of injury.

Book Club

Book clubs are incredibly popular and can be a fun place for women to get together and meet new friends. In a book club, a selection of books is given for the club to read over a certain period of time. When the book club meets, the attendees discuss various aspects of the book or books in a round table discussion. The discussion is usually facilitated by a chosen moderator or leader of the book club.

Watch Romantic Movies

The romance movie and book genre is generally geared more towards the female population, which means there are a plethora of romance movies for a woman's enjoyment. A woman may rent romantic movies and watch them with her friends, her lover or even by herself. A good romantic movie invokes feelings of love or sadness and is even be somewhat cathartic. As an alternative, a woman may choose to get together with her friends, make fun of any unrealistic notions of love and reaffirm themselves.

Take a Dance Class

Taking a dance class is an enjoyable experience for a woman, as well as an effective form of exercise. Many dance studios offers a wide range of classes, from ballet and hip hop to jazz. Many of these same studios offer classes for women only, such as belly dancing and burlesque. Most of these classes are offered at the beginner level, so a woman does not have to be a professional performer in order to be successful. Many women take the classes on their own, though some choose to participate with friends.