Fun Things to Make With Paper Clips

Paper clips are everywhere if you go to school or work in an office. However, while practical for temporarily binding small stacks of paper together, paper clips are great craft tools, offering endless possibilities for someone looking to kill some time in a constructive manner.

Make Bracelets

Because paper clips are small, thin and easy to bend, making bracelets out of them is fairly simple. The amount of time it takes to make a paper clip bracelet depends on the size and type of bracelet you want; all in all, it shouldn't take you too long.

One bracelet idea involves making "springs" out of the paper clips by coiling them up and weaving them into one another. By making small, tight coils, you can fit them together and eventually connect them to make a bracelet.

Using buttons, you can simply slide a paper clip through each hole in the button's center. Alternating between paper clips and buttons, you'll eventually come full circle and have a bracelet.

Of course, you're not limited to bracelets. Try making other jewelry, like earrings. Experiment with different color buttons and paper clips to see what best suits your own personality.

Make Art

If you're looking to express your inner Picasso, you can incorporate your paper clips into a masterpiece, shifting and shaping them into abstract objects that reflect your inner-most thoughts and feelings.

Or, you can just make wacky clumps out of them by bending them over each other and seeing what it looks like.

Whether you're trying to make something specific in accordance to your vision, or just fooling around, paper clips are easy to bend and make for great mini-sculptures. You can craft them into people, animals or anything else you can imagine. Experimentation is the name of the game here. You can even make a zebra using striped paper clips or a frog using green clips.

Make Fancy Clips

If you want to rework the look of your paper clips while maintaining functionality, consider reshaping your clips into objects, like hearts and stars. If you bend them the right way, they'll still cling tightly to paper while dismissing the cliché and boring look of traditional clips. Of course, this is probably something you should do at home. Making all of your office's paper clips into hearts will likely rouse questions regarding your productivity and they are not nearly as professional as the boring, yet traditional paper clips found in most offices.