Free Jacob's Ladder Bible Crafts for Children Images

The story of Jacob’s ladder provides a description of a ladder reaching from Earth to God in heaven, with angels going up and down the ladder. This imagery is intriguing to children, making the story a Sunday school favorite. Let the children create their own version of Jacob’s ladder by completing these crafts.

Craft Stick Coloring Page

Download a free coloring page of Jacob sleeping on the ground with an image of God in heaven. The ladder does not need to be drawn on the coloring page, since the children will be creating it themselves. Have children create the ladder out of wooden craft sticks. They can then cut angels out of construction paper and glue them on the ladder. If the coloring page you find already has a drawing of the ladder and angels, then glue the craft sticks and paper angels directly on top of the drawn ladder and angels.


This craft is appropriate as a class project. Cut a length of rolled white paper long enough to cover the width of a bulletin board. Paint a ladder going diagonally across the paper. At the bottom of the ladder, paint Jacob sleeping. At the top of the ladder, paint an image of God. Have the children draw and cut out angels. Arrange the angels on the ladder, placing the smaller angels higher on the ladder and the bigger angels lower on the ladder. Glue the angels in place and hang the mural.

Yarn Lacing Card

Cut one 8.5-by-11-inch sheet of card stock into three lengthwise strips. Repeat until you have one strip for each child. Punch a hole at every 1.5-inch mark along both sides of each strip. For each child, prepare a 30-inch piece of yarn and wrap a small amount of tape around one end to create a pointed needle shape for lacing. Tape the bottom end of the yarn to one corner of the card stock. Have the children push the yarn through the hole closest to where the yarn is taped down and then push the yarn through the hole directly across from it. The yarn is then pulled back up through hole directly above the first one used and pushed through the hole directly across from it. Repeat until all the holes are laced, creating ladder rungs out of yarn. Have the children cut out paper angels and tuck them in the ladder.

Pretzel Ladder Snack

Create a themed snack with pretzels and sliced cheese. Use a small angel-shaped cookie cutter to cut two angels out of the cheese for each child. Use American cheese so that the angels are gold in color. Give each child 10 pretzel sticks and the two cheese angels on a paper plate. Allow the children to arrange their pretzels in the shape of a ladder and place the angels on the ladder. Take photos before eating the snack.