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How to Find Flint Rock

Flint can be found in many different locations.
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Finding flint rock is easy if you know where to look. Flint can usually be found in areas where there is new construction or an area where erosion has occurred. Flint is considered hard and has a tendency to split into pieces. Flint rock often is dark gray, but it can also be yellow, red or brown.

Flint stones
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Look at geological maps of the places that you plan searching, and talk to area artifact hunters. The artifact hunters will be able to tell you if flint rock is present in the area. Research will help eliminate places from your search where there is no flint rock.

Flint at a quarry
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Search construction sites for flint rock. Always get permission from the site's owner before searching. Construction sites can turn out flint rock that previously was buried. Get your flint rock from a construction site before a freeze sets in because flint that is frozen likely will fracture and split.

Flint in a stream
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Search creek and river bottoms for flint rock. Pan the bottom with a big copper billet, and remove all the gravel to see what is left inside. Often flint rock is found in these bottom areas.

Look under bridges and in eroded roadside ditches for flint rock. Drive to an area you that does not have much traffic, and start looking. Often flint can also be discovered on freshly plowed fields near the road. Check with the owner of the field before searching for flint.

Things You'll Need:

  • Shovel
  • Sack
  • Copper billet
  • First aid kit


Take a first aid kit with you if you are searching for flint rock in a remote area.

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